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    Ideas Needed - Positive Message to Customers

    JMB Adventurer

      Hello everyone, we could use your help.  I own a small retail shop that sells pet supplies (food, toys, treats, bowls, etc.).  Unfortunately, my landlord is converting the building into residential condos, so we will close in May 2012.  I've approached a competitor and we are close to arranging a deal that would transfer my inventory and customer list to their shop.


      Their shop, in addition to selling pet supplies, also offers indoor doggie day care, dog walking, grooming, boarding, and delivery of pet food.  These are all services that our shop was too small to provide.  I anticipate that our current customers will be very upset at our closing, so we want to find creative ways to frame the transition in a positive way. 


      We'd love to hear your ideas on how to effectively message and facilitate this transition.  We had a very loyal customer base that was proud to support a locally-owned business.  We've come up with a few ideas, such as coupons to give for a discount at the new shop, coupons for a free delivery, an open house, etc., but I'm sure there's more that we're missing.


      We feel we owe it to the people that helped build our business (our customers) and would also like to ensure that the new situation is successful for the folks buying our customer list!  Here are some additional details:


      -Our shops are about 2 miles apart

      -We do have a customer database, that includes e-mail and home addresses

      -We operated for 2 years, while our competitor has been operating for 10+

      -We were closed on Sundays, while our competitor is open 7 days

      -We have a good relationship with our customers, and want to send them to a local business, rather than leaving them to shop at Amazon, Petco, or PetSmart