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    Small Business Online Community Reaching 10,000 Members

    Michael Adventurer
      I just looked at the list of members registered with the Small Business Online Community.

      Currently stands at 8,320.


      As a way to promote the community, why not do something special for the EXACT 10,000 member? (or something of this sort)

      This member, could be ANYONE(of course).

      This could further draw attention to the community, and if the 10,000 visitor is a good business owner(HOPEFULLY), the community good soar hire then its current end year figure.


      Just a suggestion, FREE of charge!

      Great to be a part of the community!

      Maybe total member button on the home page as well? Button would say: "Currently 134,397 members, 824 members online".

      Probably already been thought of, just brainstorming anyways.