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    Freelancing Sites???

    ChicoMatt Wayfarer

      Hi. I am looking at starting up a business and I was thinking of using a freelancing site such as freelancer, fiverr, elancer, guru, etc. Before I take the plunge though I would like to know if anyone has had some experience in dealing with these types of sites? Would you recommend one? What did you have them build? Was it cost effective? etc. basically your whole experience. Any and all details would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

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          boonodoh Adventurer

          I've used elance, and my experience was not very positive.  The project ended up being abandoned midway through, but it was cheap enough for me to write off the loss.


          I ended up having better luck posting on technology specific job boards.  So if you know what you are looking to use (for example, we need a python developer), then it might be easier to find a good fit.

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            vnavguys Tracker

            I LOVE, they have a very good system and they have an accountability system built in that lets you see your workers working via screen shot.  They have workers all over the world, so set your filters to reflect what you want.  I have used them regularly for years.