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    How to start business?

    Baljinder Kaur Wayfarer

      hello friends

      m nikki i wana do something different and wana start a small business kindly suggest me some ideas that what should i do ?

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome  Info Technology/Internet/eCommerce


          Prepare a business plan

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            Nathan Adventurer

            Since I've taken advice from many of the veterans on this website I have now incorporated two successful businesses!  Always remember any advice from these discussions is not negative or personal and they are just trying to help, it took me a while to realize I couldn't read a post and determine how someone is really feeling.  If you get a post you don't like then keep going. As Luckiest said, your first step should be a business plan and make sure you cover all of your bases.  When it comes to funding you can shoot me a e-mail and I will help you.

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              CEO Space Scout

              I have found out from doing it myself and then helping a lot of other people do it that starting an online business can either be one of the easiest thing you ever do OR can be difficult, costly and not profitable at all.


              It all really depends on how you start.   On other forums specific to (IM) internet marketing (which is what you are referring to) they will give some great pieces of advice but not the whole picture.  In their defense, I will say it is very difficult to cover something this broad in one post but I will give you the advice I give most "newbies" to IM and hope that will help you.


              To make it faster and easier, you need to find a market that is both profitable AND reachable by you.  In other words, it may be a really profitable market such as "weight loss" but with so much competition even in the narrow micro niches, it would be almost impossible for you to really reach sufficient people to make any real money, thus so many newbies waste a lot of time, money and effort going after these type markets.


              Once you learn how to put up a simple website or free blog and get some good affiliate things to market, that is pretty easy.  So, imho, the difficult part that most people skip is finding a niche market that is both profitable and reachable.


              However, this too is easy enough to do once you know the simple free tools and when I was helping a bunch of other people with this I searched and searched online for free reputable training on this as I believe too many newbies get suckered into spending money when they can't afford it. 


              I do not want to post it hear as I'm not sure that is allowed but I would suggest that you join one of those forums like warrior forum and DON'T buy anything until you have done a LOT of research and learned a lot and then you will run into all the legitimate free stuff and even this thing for newbies that I'm talking about.

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                jessica_david Scout

                Hi Nikki

                What type of business you wanna start? online or home based or what?

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                  honitel Adventurer

                  Hi nikki,


                  Make sure to identify first which field you are realling to take a risk in, that you know you will last even money isn't that a factor!


                  Good Luck in doing great things!

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                    snmo4him Adventurer

                    All of them suggested already what I wanna say! I wanna ask you what did Jessa ask you, what type of business you are willing to take in?

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                      Apoorv82 Adventurer

                      Firstly analyze the field in which you have your interest,then get a business idea and finally make a attractive business plan.These are some basic points that you should keep in mind while going for a business.