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    Selling products on Amazon

    vnavguys Tracker

      The main purpose of this forum is to help others and give out good information.  So I am starting this thread about selling on Amazon.  I would really like to start an ongoing and expanding threads since there is so many different venues of selling on Amazon.  So for the purpose of clarity I will encourage you stay in this theme and if you have a different question to email me and I will be more than happy to start a new thread based on your question.


      I have been selling on Amazon for three years now.  The

      Last two years have been utilizing Amazon's fulfillment service.  The last two years I have also been in the top 25% of Amazon vendors

      In sales volume, so I know a thing or two and I am happy to share.


      Here is the discussion based on Amazon FBA (fullfillment by Amazon) :  Have you considered using Amazon's unique system to increase

      Your sales volume and increase your online business?


      There are lots of tricks to this trade and its nothing like selling on Ebay.  I am also a strong believer in making or creating your own

      Products and selling them in the Amazon system. 

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          I would like to know more about selling on Amazon


          I have some rare older books and books signed by Presidents by NEVER sold on Amazon.


          So please tell us more, LUCKIEST

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            Moderator Jim Ranger

            How important is feedback on Amazon after you sell your products?



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                vnavguys Tracker

                Feedback obviously is important, if the feedback is bad it will effect what you sell.  Its important to have quality under control before you ever start on amazon.  And to combine this answer with Luckiests post this really is NOT about books.  Amazon is so much more than books.  There is tons written about selling books, but you can compete with a jillion others trying to sell a book or you can branch out into products and pave your own road to good margins.

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                Joeseph423254 Newbie

                I was wondering if you could sell other products from other websites on amazon. for example: post ad on amazon for a chair going for price of 299.99. Same Chair on is going for 239.99. Once someone buys your ad, you buy chair from overstock and send directly to customer who hit your ad. I haven't sold on amazon yet and I would like to know if my theory would work.

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                  oveazeus Wayfarer

                  I'm new to this small business community. That being said I am a maufacturer of private label textile related items. I would like to begin selling items under my own label.

                  I have briefly looked into Amazon pro merchant and it seems a good way to go. My product line would begin small, between 5-10 items with perhaps 10 sku(?) per item. I would handle all manufacturing, inventory and drop ship from my location.

                  I have many more questions. Where to start?

                  Thanking all in advance.

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                    kandr4l Newbie



                    I'm curious as to where to purchase items from that I can actually make a profit off of when selling on Amazon..


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                      boonodoh Adventurer

                      I've not sold on Amazon, but I work with many online merchants, and hear their stories-


                      1. Amazon is great- one merchant friend of mine hates Amazon because it has higher fees, but generates him a lot of sales.

                      2. Amazon can be shady- i've heard from many long term Amazon merchants that Amazon is very sneaky- there were times when Amazon took their best selling items (through Amazon) and begins to sell those items.  Amazon being what it is can probably get better pricing than its small merchants.

                      3. Amazon also has been knwon to price match- a friend of mine's pricing was scraped/copied everynight, and changes show up in the morning.


                      Over all, I think it's a great place to start selling, since in the beginning most merchants just want sales, lots of sales! But as you grow, and start to analyze all your costs, worry about your pricing strategy, etc., you also need to be aware of what Amazon has done.  I would focus on building your brand, so that Amazon can continue to be a distribution channel, but customers are looking for YOUR store, no matter where your store is.



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                          vnavguys Tracker

                          I would disagree with this and here is why.  I sell on both Amazon and my own site.  Guess which one does better?  Amazon.  My own site ranks #1 on Google for my main keyword and has been around for ten years.  At first my site did better but over time amazon has slowly overtaken.  Why?  Because people love amazon and the benefits they offer such as prime shipping.  Amazon also has a liberal return policy, which is great for customers but more or less stinks for vendors.  If you have a new website, it would be best to sell on amazon diligently and wait for your site to "catch up"  You can be SEO genius but you will not outrank or out market the big A.

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                              elisa53 Newbie



                              I would like to know how it works if you create your own website -- do you link it to Amazon? Or is it more beneficial to create the website on Amazon? Or do you do both?


                              Also, benefits/cons of using Amazon fullfillment vs. your own fullfillment.





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                                  vnavguys Tracker

                                  You do not link to Amazon, its better to have your own site and treat Amazon as a separate avenue for selling.  Most times you will be more successful (sooner) selling on Amazon since they have the traffic.  While your site builds up some momentmum you can sell product on Amazon. 

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                              get experienced Wayfarer

                              Making your own products to sell on Amazon may be great for initial exposure..but the dawn of the "internet giants" is coming to a close with an easy barrier to entrance on ranking with the best. If you build a solid product and solid website, then Amazon is worthless.



                              Also, kudos to those that do sell on Amazon and make a profit, however I don't consider 500K in sales to make 25K worth the risk, time, effort when in all, are making Amazon the benefactor of your hard work.

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                                Moderator Berta Guide

                                Lots of great information and interaction here. Thanks for sharing everyone!



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                                  marketingexpert Scout

                                  Hey vnavguys,


                                  I believe there is a fundamentally different way of thinking, one that gets you more attention off the auction site and builds an asset you can reap the fruits from.


                                  You see, my argument is that if you’re going to be a seller, you should build permission as your asset. That the way to make a living as a seller on any auction site is to have a list of people who want to get a personal, anticipated  and relevant message either daily, weekly or monthly from you showcasing your latest and greatest products. And to do that, you need a specialty, you need to be authentic and you need to be trusted.


                                  Outside the search box; Indispensable Marketing

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                                      vnavguys Tracker

                                      Yes permission marketing is ideal, such as selling on your own site.  However, that is not going to happen on Amazon because those are Amazon's customers.  The Amazon channel is simply another way to increase revenue overall, not your main objective.  If you want to somehow reach out beyond the Amazon shroud of them withholding a customers email address, send them a post card with your site and a coupon for 10% off.  They will bite and you will get the permission access you are referring too.

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                                      barnlofter Newbie

                                      We teach people to set up a website first and advertise on Amazon and link back to your shopping cart.  It works great and cost only $19 a month on Amazon.  Here's a link to a site that works: