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    How Much Would YOU Pay?

    The Diamond Pen Adventurer

      OK, so I have an idea. Bear with me on this.


      My idea is to implement a model where I write free "starter" content for new (or semi-new) small businesses. I am hoping to fund it based on included niche advertising. For example, in providing 5 pages of hypothetical web content for a new hypothetical restaurant, I would bundle a hypothetical sheet or two (or three) of restaurant-based B2B ads in the .zip file I deliver. I would want to hypothetically charge per distribution rather than a flat fee, since I can’t guarantee exactly how many of these I would do a month. Hypothetically.


      My question is this: How much would YOU pay for a targeted, bundled ad service like this? What do think is reasonable to ask for an advertising rate? Or do you think it's a terrible idea?


      Thanks in advance!

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Matt, I think that it is a great idea.

          How much would I pay (or how much advertisers would pay) depends a lot where you and they are located.

          In big cities like N Y C, Chicago, L A, the rates would be higher based on population size.

          For smaller cities the rate could be lower..

          If you are a gambler, maybe the first 2 or 3 months should be FREE or very low,

          with the understanding that the rates will go up as circulation increases.


          You definately need a contract between you and the advertiser, (maybe even a lawyer)


          good luck, LUCKIEST

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              The Diamond Pen Adventurer

              YAY! So I'm not crazy. Thanks for the reassurance.


              I was thinking maybe $2.50 for inclusion per each "kit" sent out. Maybe $5 for the cities you mentioned. If I can get 20 business, that would help me cover the free work. Is that too high?


              Or to put it another way, if you own a winery, or a restaurant equipment company, would $5 for a half-page flyer distributed directly to a startup restaurant that is actively seeking help in a major city be reasonable? This, at a rate of maybe 10-25 distributions per month?


              Thanks again.

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              Rosanne Simmons Adventurer

              Thanks for the post dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


              It gives me a lots of information.No I can decide how should I give to my employees.


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