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    Make your forest.

    estsomac Newbie

      My small business is to make a small forest on 10.000 m2 ( 100 mts x 100 mts), in a complete farm, about 500.000 m2 in the Delta Buenos Aires, in Argentine.

      This small business can be made in various steps, begining with a few lo of money; each 10.000 m2 is around u$s 4.000 in cost of the job ; in the first six years, the wood that grows up is around u$s 8.000 ; if this wood is treated by industry way, the results comes up to u$s 18.000 , with the first inversion.

      It´s one of de opportunities that countries of the third world presents, with high profits in short time.

      I show this business like one inversor each block of 10.000 m2 extension.

      All the business has been perfectly studied by one of the principal lawyers in Buenos Aires, Argentine.