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    Door to Door Advertising

    doorhangerman Wayfarer

      If anyone has any questions about door hanger delivery, door to door delivery etc. I would be happy to help out and answer some questions. I know there are always people who are curious about trying door hangers and I would like to help clear up some of the confusion and misconceptions. I also will take questions regarding tracking your campaigns. Alot of the time when people run a door hanger campaign they have no way of knowing exactly how much money the campaign made. The bottom line is that if you can't tie your conversions to your campaign and ad spend then you will never know where you're getting your sales and without this knowlege you will have trouble increasing your rate of business.

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          Hi Mike. Great to see you here in the community. This is a very informative topic !

          I will be paying attention to this thread to see what questions and comments the other community members post.



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            vnavguys Tracker

            Finally a giver!  I love it when people give their knowledge away to help others, really cool.  So with that, do you have a way to determine a demographic market when you choose where to hang or do you just blitz a choosen neighborhood? 

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                doorhangerman Wayfarer

                The targeting depends largely upon the business being advertised.  When it comes to services like lawn care, we just blitz neighborhoods and zip codes. Most everyone has a lawn that grows. Sometimes there are businesses that are more seasonal in nature such as a tax service around January to April and generally these campaigns can be designed to specifically target neighborhoods of a specific demographic. For example the first campaign may target people on the lower end of the income spectrum because they will be trying to get their tax refunds while the second campaign can be targeted to higher income homes because they generally need different expertise on their tax returns than do the tax refund crowd. This is just an example of how the tax industry may target different income demographics. Similar tactics can be applied to most businesses. The main key is that the advertising needs to fit the model of the advertised business. Who is your target customer? How much are willing to pay for a hot lead given their potential lifetime value to your company? These questions need to be addressed and then it becomes much easier to decide who and where to target your advertising campaigns.

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                    Mike Lee Adventurer

                    Hi thre!

                    My name is mike Lee and we conduct door to door campaigns here in Las Vegas,NV.

                    I hear myself talking when I read your posts. My new client spring Valley Chamber of Commerce-Small business meetup is unfamiliar with this type of marketing. You are correct in your stement about targeting. this goes hand in hand with two things

                    1. Answering the question who is your ideal customer

                    2. Testing results.


                    One of the things we try and incorporate is a way that people can give us their feedback

                    Lastly. Make sure your ad piece has the right phone number on it. Before leaving the printer call the number on the piece even if you know its right. I did that and found out Cox disabled ourphone de to technical issues and it didn't get fixed for two days!

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                  LUCKIEST Guide

                  Welcome Mike, This is a most interesting topic.

                  Can you share some additional info

                  Like: Where are you located??

                  How long have you been doing Door to Door??

                  How did you get started in this field??


                  Thanks, LUCKIEST

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                      doorhangerman Wayfarer

                      Hey LUCKIEST,


                      I am located in the Dallas - Fort Worth metroplex. I have been running door hanger campaigns for 5 years. I got started in this field because I needed a way to make some money on the side during college. I was a student with knowledge of online marketing techniques that I thought could be applied to door to door advertising. Basically your only risk when running a print campaign is the fact that it is really hard to judge response to a given campaign. In the internet marketing world, every penny spent on advertising is tracked. You know exactly the profitablility and conversion rate of the campaign and you can then decide whether you want to spend more on the campaign because it is A.) making you money or B.) it's not making you money and you shut it off before you waste anymore money chasing non - relevant impressions. This is the kind of business intelligence that needs to be present in print marketing campaigns, especiallly door to door advertising.

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                        Mike Lee Adventurer


                        I am located inLas VEgs,NV and have been doing dor to door campaigns for over 30 years. Started in LA doing pizza flyers went on to major chains like Zody's Thrifty drugs etc.

                        I got started out of sheer desperation for money. I was broke in LA and needed a job. This guy comes along puts me on his flyer crew. Eventually me and my friends thought why can't we go get our own work so we lifted the pizza account and her we are now.

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                        longlivemedia Tracker

                        Do you ever have anyone respond negatively about you hanging things on their door? Or has anything bad happened because of it? I’ve contemplated hanging door advertisements, but I worry that someone’s going to do something outrageous in response to me coming up to their door.

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                            Moderator Cath Guide

                            Door to door advertising - an old concept that can be dusted off, updated, and used successfully?  It can be a successful way to get the word out about your business but take some time before handing out all that advertising.  Someone mentioned earlier about checking your phone number on the flyer to make sure it is correct and working.  Surely we all know our phone number?  and surely we all all know if it is working?  I can't speak for everyone but sometimes my fingers disconnect from my brain and go on holiday.  Have you ever stopped and read what you type?  A flyer hung on my door or put under the wiper on my car can be a good tool only if they catch my attention (good format, correct spelling, grammar corret, etc.).


                            Almost every week I am gifted with a flyer from some car wash, reminding me that my car needs their services.  The flyer is on copy paper in the same medium blue color EVERY week.  The same typo is there.  No logo, No mention of their location, just a phone number.  And what do I do with the flyer?  It goes in the trash - I don't bother to read it anymore.  Would you call someone to have your car washed?  Would you trust that this is a legit business?  What would make you even consider following up on it?


                            Now another local business that does door to door advertising, has a polished looking flyer WITH logo and address -- AND a coupon attached and even a map to their location.  I don't often need to have my oil changed in my car but I have driven by their location and have noticed that it looks busy almost every time I pass by.  I will check their prices and speak to some of my car expert friends to see if they have used this business before I drive in.  But their flyer has caught my attention and who knows?  They may have a new customer soon.


                            So door to door advertising still works!  Just be sure what you send out to all those new potential customers really reflects what you think it does.  Don't just grind out some words on a piece of paper and expect people to rush in.


                            What door to door advertising would you read and take the next step, and actually follow up on?  Why?



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                            MrGreen Wayfarer

                            I am a firm believer in doorhangers. I receive 40% of new customers by using doorhangers.

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                              Bean Bag Theate Adventurer

                              Since you are in texas....can you (or anyone else) recommend a good service out in Riverside CA?