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    How to convince buyers that this is a buyer's market.

    Drewee Newbie
      I am a real estate agent, I've been in business now for a number of years, I am an Accredited Real Estate Professional, my motto is to put people first. There are so much dishonest people out there, that it is so had to convince people that you are one of the good ones. I am also a christian and I answer to a higher authority. We always have to remember even in business, clients are people to and it should never be just about making money. If you know of anyone who is looking to sell or buy a home and would like to hire someone who would look out for their best interest, just let me know. Thank you in Advance.
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          CEO Space Scout

          Welcome to the forum.

          I would suggest you give more information in your profile about your location and a little about
          your experience etc. and how to contact you.

          As far as convincing buyers it is a buyer's market, I think all of us who do this know this is the case.

          Do you work with investors?

          To Your Success,

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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            I live in a housing market that is still pretty strong, but I think people elsewhere who see a buyer's market are not acting because (1) they can't get financing, (2) they are frozen by uncertainty about the future of their jobs and income, (3) they can't sell the house they're in now and "move up" even if they want to, and (4) if they're in a position where the first three don't matter, they believe that a lot of property is still overvalued and will continue to drop (perhaps along with interest rates) -- meaning the buyer's market will get even better for them if they wait.

            To overcome this, I think real estate professionals as a group will have to work a little harder with ordinary buyers than I've seen them work in quite awhile. In recent years, a lot of agents would qualify the buyer, show them three houses, and basically say, "Pick one you can be satisfied with and make an offer on it today -- or get lost." Now, to entice the average buyer, an agent will have to search for gems on the buyer's behalf -- not just a home the buyer can afford and be satisfied with, but the "perfect" home that the buyer falls in love with (and then leverage the fact that this perfect home won't be around if the buyer waits). I think going through this effort is also how you can distinguish yourself (a "good" agent) from all the "bad" ones.
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                Drewee Newbie
                Thank you for your exceptionally well put responce, I will keep that in mind.
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                  Iwrite Pioneer
                  To add to Lighthouse's great response: you have to communicate the message that you provide this level of service. How is a potential buyer to know that you are any different from any other realtor? What are you saying in your marketing?

                  A lot of industries (travel, real estate, cars, hotels, banks, etc...) have become too comfortable, thinking that they have reached parody and have nothing special to say because everyone does the same thing. Not true. It is important to standout from the crowd.

                  Yes, I want to see listings when I go to your site but if you present a compelling story first, I am willing to click through to do a search instead of having that front and center in my face as soon as I get to the site. You have to do more than say you're different, your marketing materials and the way you talk with potential buyers has to reflect this and your actions have to prove it.
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                  iyazam Adventurer
                  By simply educating them more about your business!

                  I very much believe the companies that will focus now on marketing information to their potential clients will thrive in this economy.

                  Before I purchase something I want to have all of the information about the product or service. I like companies that supply me with the information.