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    I could really use some help.

    creekmedic1034 Newbie

      Let me begin by giving everyone some background. My wife and I are the proud parents of two wonderful boys. Our oldest son was diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) last year. He is in the 4th grade and while the school is doing what it can to help him, they like all other schools are strapped budget wise. So unfortunatly he is not getting services that he needs. My wife and I are very upset by this, but also understanding. It is our dream to open up a center for all special needs children to get services such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, social skills traing, and tutoring that schools are not able to provide. Eventually we would even like to branch out to helping the parents as well whether it be with support groups or even parent advocates which go into schools to help the parents when it cmes to IEP meetings. We live in Ohio and our area doesn't really offer anything like this. We are just kind of wondering what our next step would be, we may have a site to start up. We are members of a church and this is the type of thing our church would love to help us with. But we would most certainly need start up funding, to buy equipment, and pay for service of tutors, and therapists. Any information would be greatly apprecitated thank you.

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          jaybally Adventurer

          At the expense of sounding like a "booster" I would Google the term "The Lean Start Up."  Googling that term will lead you to discovery of a book recently written that can offer insights into how to develop / ship a minimum viable product.  Additionally, there is a book written by the person Will Smith played in the "Pursuit of Happyness" called "Start Where You Are."  You'd be surprised to learn how far you already are along in the process and how very little you need to invest to prove that you have something viable.  Off the top of my head, I'd research laws and regulations governing care for children with special needs in your state.  If the goal is to help parents, perhaps you can start off extremely small by simply creating flyers and posting them around town and hosting events in your home.  The idea / goal is to learn as much as possible, and to use that knowledge to deliver something valuable without having to front a huge amount of start up costs. 


          Personally, if I were going to endeavor to create an organization that helps parents, I'd start there.  I'd focus on how to do that well with a very small group (may just 3 or 4 to start) learn, then build.  You never know which parent is connected with X person, who knows Y person, who is waiting for someone like Z person (YOU) to come along to invest in! 



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            LUCKIEST Guide

            Welcome 1034, Yes as parents ourselves, we definitely have comparison for you and your wife and family.

            As you said he is not getting services that he needs and It is your dream to open up a center for all

            special needs children to get services that they need.


            Dreams can come true. Your background is Business Type,  Education/Training.

            You also said the local church is interested in helping. We (both my wife and I) are also interested in helping.


            So tell us, do you know how much start up funds you are looking for??

            Have you developed a business plan?? You MUST have a written PLAN if you are looking for funds.


            Best of luck, LUCKIEST

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              It sounds like you have a great idea and it's good that your church is willing to help.  As Luckiest points out, you will want a business plan, but I think you could get support in this endeavor from another area.  Try contacting a group like the autism society or another non-profit group in that area.  Chances are they will have ways to help you get off the ground for this sort of thing, maybe even help with fundraising for it.


              Good luck!