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    finding sales reps

    fabflip Newbie

      I have a fabulous flip flop line that I'm putting in several boutiques in Florida.  I've been in sales my whole life and am not afraid of rejection.  I have had several reps try to represent my line but they just don't want to get dirty. I am desparate for sales reps!  How do I go about getting them? Are there websites or shows for this? Pls help

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome, In this day and age with so many people looking for work, it should be easy to find a sales rep.




          Place a ad in your local newspaper.


          Try your local unemployment office.


          Try local trade shows.


          Print up a help wanted flyer and post them in boutiques in your area.


          Talk to friends and tell them to talk to their friends.


          Think outside the box.  LUCKIEST