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    Need guidance on where to go

    specialwan Wayfarer

      Hi I am trying to start a real estate business and need to know where can I go to get loans. My ideas are to buy houses and fix them for a profit, but the bank aren't lending money. I attended a seminar where they were suppost to educate us as to how to do this business and provide us with funds since we dont have the $. But it was all talk and never got to real business. I just threw my $2k in the trash.

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome. That is fun of a seminar.

          The only people who make money are the speakers and the organizers of any seminar.

          So tell us more. Who are you?? Where are you located??


          Do you have a business plan?? and how much funds are you looking for??



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              specialwan Wayfarer

              We are a group of four investors looking to buy and flip houses here in florida. We live in Orlando.. To start we need $200k. We currently have 8 buyers but dont have the credit so with them we are doing a lease to own contract and they have 2 yrs to get there finance and credit in order. I have called some hard money lender company but they are doing it for commercial but thats not what their website had said, but it is what it is. If you know any companies here in Orlando that would helpful as well. Thanxs so much