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    Trucker/trucking companies

    Nikkita St'vil Wayfarer

      I'm a freight agent/ broker agent, I'm so new to this and I need some help, pointers..and some trucker/trucking companies who are looking for help. Let me know your views on this.  

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Nikkita, Tell us MORE. How new are you??  Where are you located??


          What kind of help pointers are you looking for??


          Do you have a business plan??



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              Nikkita St'vil Wayfarer

              I'm working at the office in GA, i started about a month ago going on 2month next week, we are a brokerage and dispatching service looking for either new truckers/trucking companies or if you've been around along time. i wanna know how to find o/o. my business plan is to find those o/o (owner operater)  who like to keep their truck running who knows what they want,who knows how much money they wanna make at the end of the day,im a hard worker so whatever their goals are i can reach it for them, i know how to keep my customers happy,it not about me it all about the trucker, im a honest hard working girl and i put 100%  at all time to make them happy,lol...i'm not God but i do my best at all time.