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    small-scale mining industry-philippines

    trade_asia Newbie

      Good day to everyone,


      We are now ready for an investor for the operation of a small-scale phosphate mining here in the philippines. The needed financial assistance is approximately 75,000-80,000 US dollars with at least 62,500 US dollars in monthly revenue(revenue may very according to the transaction made by th project coordinator to the client including the contract price of the product which is at least 62.5 US dollars per ton and/or by the fast appreciation of the philippine currency in which it is the fastest in asia.

      The operation is projected to produce 1000 metric tons per month. And has a market price of at least 62.5 US dollar per metric ton.


      Moreover, we will not start the operation until a Purchase Order from our client is at hand. In this case you do not have to worry that your investment will just freeze in the operation process.
      The product already passed the grade analysis test by a quality control laboratory here and has been granted a certification. There is also a high demand of Phosphate rocks by fertilizers manufacturers here in our country. Thus, our product very marketable.
      The proposed mine site has already been surveyed by a mine engineer and has approximately 30,000 metric tons phosphate rock deposit. The mine site is situated in a very strategic location with only a few miles through a concrete road to the nearest operational ports. And has a low wage rates which gives us low expenses


      For your further inquiries about the matter it is my pleasure to receive a private message from you.