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    Internet Business Model

    Jennifer Adventurer

      I would like to share this article on my website, and I write all my own articles. I really enjoy what I do here and there is some great articles and information here for anyone needing some advice and tips on how to get started with your own online business. I came here mostly to meet people and other business owners as myself, and believe me, I still have a lot to learn and I look forward to every second of it. If you have doubts or any questions after visiting my website or blog just throw me an email. I look forward to sharing with everyone and getting to know many interesting and great people in here! I've only been in the social networking jazz for a few months, and I must say, I've met some really cool people and I've become really addicted to that as well. I've come across some of the coolest blogs and people and it's been a real blast for me.


      Here is a link to the article, but just cruise around and you will find a lot of great stuff to give you some really cool ideas on what you can do to get started, there are links here to a fairly new blog I have and I can only work on it as my time allows, but I plan to grow it to a great success, and I write my own articles there as well. My focus is mainly to help others learn how to make an income from home and I do this mostly through article marketing because I really enjoy writing and helping others, especially in affiliate marketing. I have other websites, which only allows me limited time with this particular website and blog. I'm in the process of creating a really cool blog about myself and other interests, so I'm really excited about that and finding this forum has been a great find for me and I know I'll get some more great insight and motivation here by meeting some more cool people.


      Internet Business Model


      Happy Surfing and much success to you.


      Jenny :-)

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome Jennifer and thanks for sharing


          Go to "Profile" and tell us more about yourself and keep the posts coming



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              Jennifer Adventurer

              Hi Luckiest,


              Thanks, I managed to finish my profile, so hope that works for now.



              Looking forward to sharing and learning. I'm hoping to have time to be able to visit here a lot, reorganizing and building an online business is a bit time consuming, but a lot of fun.

              Nice to meet you.

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              noah23 Wayfarer

              Hi Jenny


              I'm also looking at setting up an online business. What can you reccommend for someone new to the web?

              I want to set up my owen website but don't really know where to start?

              Once I get it up and running I wouldn't mind selling products and possibly information products.


              Regards Noah

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                  LUCKIEST Guide

                  Noah, start by telling us more about yourself.

                  If you are looking to set up an online business, it should be something that you are familiar with.

                  Also a business plan is a great asset to have.


                  Good luck, LUCKIEST

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                    Jennifer Adventurer

                    Hi noah,


                    First of all nice to meet you :-)


                    I do some affiliate marketing part time and I absolutely love it so far. The title of this post is actually a title to the last article I wrote on one of my websites. If you want to start your own business online, you must first figure out exactly what it is you want to do. Focusing on one product or service is much easier and much more successful than trying to fry lots of fishes at the same time. It's pretty easy to get your own webpage for a really cheap price. If you're new to the web it's extremely easy to get lost with all the hype and offers.  I have some great tips on this website which has the link in the above post and it's mainly about affiliate marketing because that's just my thing and what I like and it works great for me, so I've kept doing it. I'm currently working on my newsletter as well which offers lots of freebies, tips, and resources loaded with a wealth of information so I can help people not make the mistakes I did. I've began to write my own articles as to where I was paying to have someone write them for me at first which was a big NO NO. I ended up learning my website had a lot of duplicate content from doing that and after a bit more research, I learned what I needed to do. So, to make it short, I'm still in the process of fixing that mess and getting my SEO better organized on my website. I've learned so much by making  a few mistakes but that's how you learn best and you certainly don't forget what NOT to do again. I've only started blogging over the past few months, and like that also and have projects I'm working on with that as well. If you want to sell products, then make your website about products and focus on just those products. Also, whatever you name your website, try to make sure you have done some keyword searches and find out what is low competition and fairly high searches globally and have those keywords in your title. Read some ebooks on SEO and keyword search. Google it or visit the tons of websites that have some information on it. My website has some great tips, articles and information that can help point you in the right direction and give you some great ideas, but there are tons of other great websites out there too. This forum has great tips from what I've read so far, I've not had time to come in here a lot, I'm fairly new here as well but look forward to contributing, sharing and learning. Remember something, you will make mistakes and run into tons of challenges, but it's important to stay focused on your ONE service/product and goal you want to reach with that. If you try to focus on too many things at once (products/services) you're going to drowned, get frustrated, and not do so well and get nowhere fast. ONE focus is all you need, and believe me it will keep you busy. Don't anticipate overnight success, make yourself out a 3 year time frame on building your online business and work on building and learning all you can on that ONE service/ product you want to make your own online business. Luckiest said it great also, you must have a business plan, that will place you on a good starting point. ;-) I also like to mentor and help others in my spare time, so feel free to join my blog, I don't have any members yet since it's so new and I've not promoted it a lot, and send me an email if you have any questions, I'll always get back to you when I get time. :-) Good luck to you.

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                      NorthStar Wayfarer

                      OK, a little late on the reply, but hopefully this will help some of you out.


                      On the Internet you have many models for making money.  You can sell other peoples products (Affilaite sales) or your own products.


                      These products can be either digital downloads, view online or physical products that need to be shipped.


                      If you have ZERO experience selling on the Internet, the easiest way to get started is in Affiliate products.  You don't need to worry about creating the product, you can start by selling someone else's hard work.  Affiliate products are very common today.  Amazon, Wal-Mart and many other big names have affiliate programs.


                      You will still need some way to market these and drive traffic.  A website is one of the best ways and then getting those folks to click a link that goes to the affiliate site..... You will make a percentage of the sale, but the systems are not perfect.  Many people will see you have an Affilaite link and will bypass it to cut you out of the sale.  Nasty, but true.


                      I prefer to sell my own products in digital downloads (PDF files) or run video training courses in Continuity Websites ( these are membership sites that have residual income).  This is more complex to do, but the payoff is MUCH HIGHER PROFITS.


                      You need a website, you need some type of membership software and you need your product.  Video training is best as video is very hot these days.


                      If the training runs for a set period of time, lets say 5 modules with one module per week for five weeks, we call this a Micro-Continuity site.  What's good about these is you can get payments every week from the member and sales are easier as the member does not have to pay for the entire course up front.  If your content is good, rentention rate is about 85%.


                      These types of sites can be very lucative once you build a following and get your name out in the market place.


                      My marketing company has a few of these going right now..... For us it is easy as my other company (I own 3) is a Website Developement, SEO, Product Launch specialist company.  So basically, I buy sevices from myself....


                      Now, I see lots of deals online about "Simple push button make millions while doing nothing" deals.  I have been in the business for over 20 years and I have yet to see anything like that work.  Like any business, you will need to WORK to be successful.  And it takes time.  You have to be dedicated, you have to put the work in and you have to be willing to learn or hire someone to do it for you.


                      It's a business folks and business is competitive.  If it was easy and all you had to do was push the button to be a miilionaire, we would all be millionaires... Right?


                      I hope that gives you something to think about and a direction to get your going.