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    Secrets in Email Marketing

    Sophia_Myles Tracker

      I sent out another bundle of marketing emails today and am now curious about how others are doing it these days.

      The secret of mine is list separating - separate your contacts into different groups and send in different times with different IPs. It helps me a lot in avoiding being regarded as spam.

      What are your secrets?

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          The secret to email marketing is identifying people who need what you have to offer.

          Getting their attention and telling them what you or your company can do for them.

          Email can provide explosive growth.

          Email marketing can also be interactive, hence can move customers a long way down the purchase chain.


          Hope this helps, LUCKIEST

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            CorpCons08 Ranger



            There really is no secret formula to successful e-mail marketing. As LUCKIEST says, it's targeting a group that would benefit from what you have to offer. It also helps to stay away from html based e-mails, as many anti-spam filters like to block these more often then text-based emails. Keep the e-mails short, sweet and to the point. A great way to get all the information to the contact, but keep the e-mail short, is provide a link to a portion of your webpage with more information. Now you have them on your page where they can browse your services, contact you, etc. Try to stay away from sending from multiple addresses and multiple IPs. This aggravates e-mail recipients, especially me. Your e-mails are going to be deleted just because it's aggravating.


            Hope this information helps. Regards,



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                pomgrs Wayfarer

                Your advice on text emails is perfect.  We're finding html emails are getting blocked on an increasing level especially at larger companies.  Keep it short and sweet with text is the best way to go, better to provide a link to an offer page than to jam up someones email with a long download. 


                Also be prepared for people that signed up for the marketing list last week and then forgot and hit the spam button, happens more than you'd like to think.