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    Hosting companys that do seo?

    grafikrtist Scout

      I am a freelance graphic designer and i was thinking about having my website hosted by a hosting company. My question is do they do they do the seo or am i am going to have to do it ?

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          It would depend on the hosting company of course, I'm sure some offer SEO services but you will find they will cost a lot more.  A company that does legitimate SEO will normally charge a decent amount for it.  If you do find a host that offers SEO, you will have to decide if you want to pay more for it or if you would rather do it yourself.


          Good luck!



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            thirddd Scout

            Some web hosting companies offer SEO services, but I wouldn't think that their in-house SEOs are better than the ones working at an agency dedicated to SEO. From what I've seen in the past, web hosting companies offer very basic on-page search engine optimization services and sometimes submit your site to search engines for you. Their SEO services will probably not be effective enough to rank your site for keywords that are highly competitive, if that's what you're trying to do. Also, SEO is often confused with search engine marketing (SEM), which includes other aspects of Internet marketing that effect your search engine rankings as well. If you're familiar with SEO I would suggest you attempt to optimize the site yourself because I don't think SEO services provided by web hosting companies will produce the results you want unless you throw stacks of money at your campaign. If you're looking to rank for highly competitive keywords and need a long term search marketing strategy to increase the online visibility of your business, I suggest hiring an agency. The differences between basic SEO and advanced SEO are like night and day.


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              The SEO Blitz Adventurer

              Hi there,


              a hosting company normally doesn't do seo! Otherwise it would be an seo company. Like ThirdSEO said, may be they're working together with external/internal seo companies, but for sure, you have to pay for it additionally.


              Many hosting companies offer a pre-configurable system (cms) [e.g: possibility for seo friendly urls, high performance loading time, access to .htaccess, etc. ] but this is only the standard base optimization which isn't enough for graphic design keywords.


              On the base of such a standard system optimization, you'll have good opportunities to make your own seo if you're not a webdeveloper ...


              Hope this helps otherwise please post the offer of the hosting company, so i can have a Blitz look at their seo.



              The SEO Blitz

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                PowerLineSEO Adventurer

                You are going to have to hire a certified SEO professional if you want your SEO done correctly.
                It just so happens I am a certified SEO professional...:)


                Just make sure you verify the credentials of anybody you choose to do your SEO for you because there are a lot and I mean a lot of unqualified people out there that dabble in SEO but this does not make them professional or even qualified to do a good job.




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                  adivol Adventurer

                  Well it depends upon different company some offers seo services and some not. Seo is not that hard process but for getting better results you should hire some company to do that.

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                    JackieGold Scout

                    Hosting companies do not provide SEO, no. Some give tips and feedback but you have to pay additional for that. The real question is - does the WEB DESIGNER know how to implement SEO best practices into the code he or she uses to build your site.

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                      PowerLineSEO Adventurer

                      You are going to have to hire a qualified SEO consultant to get the job done correctly.

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                        Moderator Berta Guide

                        Lots of great information here. Have you gotten the answer you were looking for grafikrtist? How's your website coming along?  Please keep us updated.



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                            attard Adventurer

                            Hiring an SEO company is fine if you have the budget to hire a company that knows what they are doing and if you take the time to research those companies. (Get references and check them!). But if you aren't careful you can wind up paying someone a lot of money every month and gain little value, or worse, hire someone who uses tactics the search engines don't like and as a result, get penalized or dropped completely from search results.


                            Fortunately you can do a lot by yourself to help your site get found. There are some very basic things involving the title of pages on the site, including text on your pages, and getting links from related businesses or from social media postings. Set up profiles on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plusand other social media sites and be sure those profiles link to your website, too. Set up a Google Places listing, too. Search the web for terms like "seo tips" and "how to get my website found" and  check Amazon for books on SEO for beginners and you should find enough info to do the basics yourself.