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    Opinion on looking for Partner for NY or CT based IT Staffing, Consulting Centers

    CS140 Adventurer

      Let me first say, I just joined but I must say I am impressed by the topic and details discussed in these forums.  As it stands I am considering starting another IT solutions firm but have concerns in this struggling economy. My background is-I have done it all. I built, retooled, sold, done turnarounds, rebranded and relaunched a few public and private firms. I have help financial firms outsource everything but the kitchen sink to India, Russia, Philippines, etc. Sad to say, I was one of the first guy to help banks outsource to India to help with globalization. Seeing how outsourcing got out of hand I now want to bring it back.

      Now with that said, I am looking to try to start a new effort which is using my contacts at C level at bank to redirect IT application development to NEW development centers where I want to build in Bridgeport/CT and one in NY(location undecided).  Most of my co-workers are still deep in bed and making money doing the outsourcing so my sounding boards+partners in that space are fighting me on the idea.  Currently I am looking for suggestions, funding, alliances, etc that could help with this cause. Most of my C level contacts at banks are happy to create America jobs and maybe get a tax break from helping to create American jobs which would most likely build better system and have better security measures.

      I appreciate any thoughts from you all.