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    Home Exchange

    LUCKIEST Guide

      Looking for feed back. Have any of you exchanged your home while on a business trip??


      Home-exchange programs dramatically cut travel costs and often make excursions more enjoyable.

      Program members agree to trade homes for days, weeks or longer, saving the cost of lodging and cutting down on restaurant bills.

      Cars are exchanged in about half of home exchanges, eliminating vehicle rental costs as well.


      Do we need extra insurance??



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          Sophia_Myles Tracker

          I have't tried this so far, but soemthing similiar called "coach surfing" when travelling with some friends. It's actually a nice way to save cost and meet new people. Given that experience I guess the home exchange here will also be great!

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            I've heard of this idea before, but I'm not sure I could personally do it.   For me to participate in something like this I think I would have to know (and trust) the person I'm exchanging with extremely well.  Is there even a type of insurance that would cover if something went wrong with such an arrangement?



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              Aroundtheworld Newbie

              Hi there!


              Swapping Homes is based on trust, trust in the details of the property being correct and trust in the individuals involved. As a holiday concept it has been around since the 1950s so it can’t be all that bad a way to vacation. Prior to the exchange, it is important to get to know your exchange partner by communicating via emails / tel calls etc. and if after this you are not sure or feel comfortable with them, then do not proceed, move on to another. Home-exchange partners are treated as any other guests under homeowners and renters insurance policies.


              We have done numerous home exchanges to date. Home exchanging has allowed us to save on accommodation costs, car rental expenses, and restaurant meals…


              Other benefits include the friends that we have made. We have stayed in touch with most of the people we exchanged with. And have also visited with them years later. Families with children also benefit from having a whole house rather than a single room for the duration for the holiday. We often swap with other families, which usually means our kids have new toys to play with during the holiday.


              For anyone serious about trying this out, we strongly recommend that you join a reputable home exchange club. There are numerous clubs you can join, but one that has worked out really well for us is


              Finding a home exchange may require some effort but we have always found that it has been well worth it.


              Good luck!



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                CorpCons08 Ranger



                Didn't they do this in the movie The Holiday? I believe Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet traded homes for vacation.


                Personally, this would never be something I would consider. I just don't feel that I could trust anybody in my home, doing as they wanted. lol. I would spend the entire time I was away wondering what the person in my home was doing.


                Interesting concept and I will continue reading others feedback.