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    Customs Question

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      I am planning to start a Hair wig business where i am planning to import some hair wigs from china and sell it in U.S.A.

      The exporter sent me some sample hair wigs through Fed ex, but i know that is not the right way to get the wigs in the future on a regular basis, if i have to make this my full time business.


      Do i need to contact a customs broker and have my exporter sent the products to the broker(I dont have a import license) ?

      Could you please let me know how to procced ? I hope i dont have to pay a lot to the broker !




      Thanks !

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          CorpCons08 Ranger



          I don't believe you are going to need a broker. I was reading information on the US Custom's website about starting an import/export business. Here are some tips for starting an import/export business directly from their website.





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            vnavguys Tracker

            I import on a regular basis so let me help you.  Do not call customs, they are a goverment agency and tend to be of little help.  Your very best bet is to contact and hire a freight forwarder, not a broker, not a shipping company, but a freight forwarder.  Look that exact term up online with your city name or in the yellow pages.  Freight forwarders coordinate the movement of your goods from one country to the next.  They receive the goods, unload them, facilitate the customs paperwork, determine your bond and arrange payments of all fees.  You give them power of attorney to do so and they act and work for you.  If you try to do this yourseld you are in for a serious headache, i say this from persoanal experience.  The freight forwarder handles all the dirty work and removes the aggravation from importing.  It is money very well spent.  By delegating this duty, you can concentrate on building your business and selling product.  My freight forwarder is in long beach where a good majority of freight comes into the country.  They also store items for me and can fulfill (ship) them as well.  They provide a complete system.

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              Moderator Berta Guide

              Lots of great information here. Have you gotten an answer to your question investorstudent?