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    2 Must-Have SmallBusiness Forum Enhancements!

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      To Whom It May Concern:

      I would like to see the following forum enhancements:

      1. Allow the end-user to use some XHTML (for text links and images which most forums allow you to use).
      2. Allow the end-user to Edit their post within 30 seconds of their original post. (Maybe the person accidently hit the post button or they want to correct a misspelled word it would be nice if they can go back and make corrections).

      That's it for now...


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          Michael Adventurer
          Mike ~

          They were at one point allowing users to copy and paste images. I got carried away with it, and they ended up dis-allowing persons to copy and paste images.

          I agree that it would be great to utilize HTML or XHTML for your post.


          Welcome to the community Mike!


          ~ Michael Stratton
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            Lighthouse24 Ranger

            I'll second the motion for #1, provided these could be uploaded separately from the text (like the illustrations in the Stories section) rather than copied/pasted into the text body -- and the reasons are 1) in the past, anything beyond basic text that was pasted didn't display properly across all browsers, and 2) if someone abused this by placing pure advertising (or a mini-billboard) in a post, the attachment could be taken down without removing the content of the post.

            As far as #2, I make a lot of typing mistakes that cause me to cringe (and I wish I could correct them), yet I think that not being able to edit anything once a post is made is generally good because it tends to make us all more careful. Instead of a 30-second "grace period," what if the content was displayed in exactly the same format as it will appear the context of the thread, with two option buttons -- "post now" or "edit"? Seeing it different (i.e., with all the punctuation, spacing, and line changes that end up being made) might accomplish the same thing you're looking for and be easier to implement from a technical perspective.

            Thanks for thinking about improvements!