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Making Great Sales Presentations

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Steve Strauss has a new article posted about sales presentations. Don't miss reading it as it has some wonderful points you might not have thought of in a while. Read the article here , Five Secrets to Making Great Sales Presentations , then come back and give feedback .


What do you agree with in the article? Do you disagree or want to expand on any of Steve's thoughts?  Let's discuss this latest offering from Steve Strauss





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    myDealCompass Apprentice
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    Hello Jolek. Becoming a good presenter is definitely possible for anyone who is willing to put in the time and effort. For most people, getting in front of others to speak in public is a very rare event and the unfamiliarity of it makes it uncomfortable. In a way, I think that every single person is in "sales" whether it says it on their business card or not. We are always trying to sell ourselves, our ideas and/or a specific product. The tips that Steve presented definitely help and at the end of the day, practice makes perfect!

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    LUCKIEST Master
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    When you read Peter, You are reading the best.

    As his bio says "Peter Handal is the president, CEO and chairman of Dale Carnegie Training.


    How can I compete with Peter and Dale Carnegie Training.??


    A true sales person wakes up selling, sells all day and night long and is still selling when he or she retires at night.


    Sales presentations should be perceived as being in the customers best interest and in the end, the way you treat our customers

    says a lot about the respect you have for yourself.



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    CorpCons08 Master
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    I concur with myDealCompass when he/she said that every single person is in "sales" whether it says it on their business card or not. Throughout my career, no matter where it took me, I have always mentored younger associates to help them throughout their lives and their careers. One of the things that I always told them is that learning to be a good sales person, and present themselves, is something that will follow them anywhere. It doesn't matter the type of job, you are going to have to sell yourself to get that job or to promote the products or services of that business. Having a strong set of presentation skills is going to be key to that.





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    jessica_david Apprentice
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    yes i am completey agree with Steve Strauss, as he said the basic things that we all should know for being successful

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