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    Who thinks a graphic designer is needed ?

    grafikrtist Scout

      i myself am a freelance graphic designer and I'd like to start this conversation to get an idea of how many people who own businesses feel that a graphic designer is needed to design a logo, business card fllyer etc

      or would they prefer to design it themselves and save money.

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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Anthony, I think that a graphic designer is needed.

          The graphic designer who designed my logo, business card and yes used the design on my stationary did a great job.

          The logo really stands out, the business card was turned 90 degrees and she used a cream color stock.


          People really look at my cards at meetings and trade shows. I could never have designed the cards myself

          and yes it did cost more, but almost everything in business costs.


          Hope you get many answers to your question, LUCKIEST

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            myDealCompass Scout

            I appologize as I must have broken the rules with my previous post (it included a link to 99designs and a contest that we just started there). However, I wanted to chime in to throw these sorts of services into the mix. This our first time using such a format, and I am anxious to see what (if anything) comes out of it. People are inherently visually oriented and having a product (whether it is physical or web-based) that is visually appealing is a HUGE positive. We have a designer internal to the company who I think does a great job and I could not imagine doing things without him. With that said, I think that a majority of business owners could leverage sites like Elance, 99designs, etc.. to more than cover their basic needs.


            What do you think grafikrtist? Do you visit any of the freelance design websites?

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              OfficeGoddess Navigator

              I designed my own logo, etc., but I was also trained in graphic design and so felt confident in doing so.   For folks who are not skilled (or who don't know what they want, specifically) a professional graphic designer makes a tremendous amount of sense.  Having an 'eye' for the visual layout and colors is an art and not necessarily a teachable one.


              Lily Chambers

              The Virtual Office Goddess, LLC

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                  Moderator Jim Ranger

                  It also depends on your budget. There are a lot of great tools for doing it yourself, but if you can afford it and aren't as skilled, I'd say go with a graphics designer and leaving it to professionals.



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                      CorpCons08 Ranger



                      There are a lot of dependencies on whether or not to hire a graphic designer. For small businesses who are just starting out, and on a budget as you said, no it is not recommended to take on the expenses for a graphic designer. I would recommend utilizing the many free tools out there to design your own. However, if you are later on in your business's life cycle, and you are going through a rebranding, a graphic designer can be your best friend in accomplishing this. During rebranding, a logo and slogan can mean everything from succeeding to flopping.





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                    Nathan53008 Wayfarer

                    I think it all depends on what you are willing to put your time into. Time is money. You can learn how to do it on your own but how much time will that take you? As you probably already know, having great graphics can really help a business stand out. Majority of businesses will pay to have their logo designed and such.

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                      Moderator Jim Ranger

                      Again, a lot of great posts on this subject. Let's keep 'em coming.