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    Snow Driving

    LUCKIEST Guide

      OK, it's our turn today. After feeling smug about snow  I woke up to a snowy Rockland County, N Y.

      The news site ominously referred to a "wintry mix" which probably means snow, ice and hail instead of lettuce, greens and arugula.

      Still better than last January.


      Some businesses do well making money with snow.

      Or course people around here are used to snow. They're driving around with confidence and getting where they need to go.

      They've learned a few tricks, they have the right equipment and they make it seem easy.


      Drive Carefully, LUCKIEST

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          Hey Luckiest,


          You are absolutely right, people in the northern US are used to snow, the father north you go, the more they are used to it.  Having a good quality shovel or two, ice pick, and sand/salt is a good way to start. 


          You can also use the cold weather to advertise.  Pass out window scrapers (ones that actually work) with your company info on it is a good way to get your name out.  Do you have any tips for getting by in the cold months you can share from personal experience Luckiest?



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              CorpCons08 Ranger

              I really thought we were going to make it through December and January without a snowflake. It was very disappointing to wake up this morning to a few inches on the ground. January 20th, you ruined the good run we were having.


              This morning I woke up nice and early and helped shovel out some of the seniors in my area. Then I headed to my favorite morning destination, Dunkin Donuts (no, I am not a Starbucks person), grabbed my cup of coffee and headed to the office to work on some paperwork.


              As far as tips Paul, just being prepared and being smart is all the tools you need. Make sure to warm up your vehicle before use, clear pathways, clean windows and the tops of your vehicles to prevent incidents on the roadways, and drive slow and cautious. This is the formula for a successful commute in and out of the workplace.





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              Moderator Jim Ranger

              Whereever you live, I hope everyone has made it through the weekend and snow safely.