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    Advertising on the cheap - How to sell to businesses

    Finchopotamus Newbie

      I write for a site - - and we've been growing very quickly as of late with one problem - we don't have anyone doing ad sales! Our issues are downloaded thousands of times by readers and we're really missing out on all that unfilled ad space. We keep the issues free to encourage our subscribers, among others, to download the issues. We're going to keep publishing the monthly issues whether or not the ad space fills just based on the fact that our readers want it, but the site can't grow nearly as quickly when we're not selling that ad space. We're still just a little group, so we can't offer all of the attractive appeal for the ad sales position that other companies can. The writers do pitch in their efforts (including myself), but the reach we have isn't quite as good as if someone were to be doing it regularly. My question is this - how do you reach potential clients when you can't fill a full time sales position? This piece of the website is critical to our growth as a group and we really want to make it work, but as I'm really not a sales/marketing person I'm not sure what I need to do to get results. Thank you in advance for your advice!