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    Finding a manufacturer and questions to ask before selecting them as your manufacturer

    nikkiD Newbie

      Hello all,


      I am interested in starting a one-product (initially) business in Houston, TX.  I have made a "rough" prototype and I am currently looking for manufacturers.  I was looking at overseas companies but after reading stories of people having to fly back and forth and excess finances spent over unforeseen circumstances, I think it may be better to have my prototype and product made here in the US if not in Texas.  While I am calling and speaking with manufacturers, are there questions I should ask? For example, I'll ask about whether they will source the fabric, pricing per unit, and minimum sale requirements. But what pre-contract information should be discussed.  Additionally, what are the pros and cons of selecting a larger manufacturer that may have a marketing/sales/distribution capabilities vs small manufacturer (besides $).   I'm a novice.  Any advice is welcomed and appreciated.