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    Best way to start a new clothing company?

    Robby6669 Newbie

      Im starting a new clothing company, and I would like to know the best route. Ive made a facebook page for it to let my close friends know about it and have them spread the word so far. I have also Sponsored some local Bmx riders ive known for a while to help promote my company. As of now, the only product ive made so far is hats. I had them made at a local Vinyl Printing store. Is it best to stay local or does anyone know of any good overseas production companies?

      Any and all feedback is greatly apprecieated.




      and here is a link to the facebook page.


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          In answer to your question, I think it would all depend on how you plan to market your product.  Having it made overseas would probably make it a cheaper product, but if you make it in the US, you can have the Made in the USA tag which may fit with your flag design.  It's up to you how you want to do it but that's one of the major factors I can think of.  Hopefully other forum members can give some thoughts too. 


          Good Luck!