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    FedEx Route Financing

    Bigee4913 Newbie

      Hello, I am currently a marketing professional that is in the process of obtaining a FedEx route and wanted to know if there are any investors/fiancing option to obtain such a route.  There are a few routes in the AZ area that are very promissing, but the economy has sucked my funds dry.  I am wanting to purchase a route that already has a Full Time Driver.  There are two routes that have positive cash flow after paying the driver.  Do you know any companies that might be interested in funding such a venture.  Cost for the route is around $130K.  Thank you in advance

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          chris1985 Tracker

          I work for a National Bank that is a preferred SBA lender and from what we've been told here is that the SBA no longer allows us to make SBA loans to finance FedEx routes because of a variety of reasons. (Too much control by FedEx, needing to have multiple routes in some states, etc...) We still provide financing for the trucks/vans but not the routes. You may want to check locally for a traditional loan thru your bank. Good luck