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    Landing Page

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      Create a Soft Landing For Your Website Visitors


      You've created a website for attracting clients - good! But now you begin to submit articles to get more traffic. You have social marketing bios and you need a place to send visitors.


      You need a landing page. And the rules for writing change drastically. For most website pages, your goal is to get visitors to leave the page quickly and keep digging deeper for more information.

      Most web pages are not final destinations; they're stops along the way.


      On landing pages, you want visitors to take a specific action. Often you want them to give you their sign-up information so you grow your marketing list.

      You want visitors to stay on the page till they have taken this action.


      Therefore, your landing page needs to do 5 things.


      (1) Match your offer and copy to your online marketing strategy and your niche. Each landing page should help you attract more targeted clients with less effort.


      (2) Create a strong hook at the opening of the page. When you address your target market's most important problem, you will attract sign-ups from visitors who are likely to become good clients.


      (3) Make it easy to say "yes." Create a simple, strong call to action. You can use hot-linked buttons, arrows, boxes and forms.


      (4) Resist these 2 temptations:

      Temptation #1: Getting a ton of info from visitors: where do they live, how did they hear about you, phone numbers, and more.

      Temptation #2: Leaving your menu on the page.


      (5) Create an invitation to read.


      The general rule of copywriting is, "Use short copy for giveaways and long copy for sales." But the amount of text is less important than the sense of space you create.


        And remember, you don't have to reinvent the wheel each time you write a landing page