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    should I Franchise or look for a Supplier?

    Fernandes Wayfarer


      I am opening a reatil shop soon, and I am looking foe clothes suppliers, but high quality clothes suppliers..

      And I am in a need of help....... Does anyone knows a good clothes supplier??

      thanks for your time


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          CorpCons08 Ranger



          I am confused by your thread, and I want to help. You have the topic of your thread as "should I Franchise or look for a Supplier?" and then your thread goes into opening a retail shop and looking for clothes suppliers for high quality clothing. Which is it?


          Franchising limits your abilities to choose a clothing supplier. Franchisees often times rely on the franchisor to supply them with the clothing line, or to at least provide them the list of acceptable supplies to purchase their inventory from. Franchisees typically follow the same inventory line as the main company, with very little variation. (this is not always the case, but most of the time it follows suit)


          Starting your own clothing business gives you many more options when it comes to suppliers. But now the question comes, are you designing your own clothing line and need them manufactured, or are you looking for other clothing lines to carry? Starting your own clothing line and looking for a manufacturer can be much more difficult, but gives you your own unique identity and allows you to also have other clothing retailers carry your product.


          Purchasing other designers clothing lines may be the easiest option, but will require a great amount of research to find the best pricing and bring in clothing lines that your customers will be looking for.


          If you can provide more information on what you are looking for, I may be able to provide more assistance.





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            honitel Adventurer

            I'm with Copr in this. Your post must be totally related to your title. Those who wanna share some info might be mislead to the right track!



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              snmo4him Adventurer


              You can find a lot of reliable sources on good clothes supplier on net and suppliers that near you, for sure!