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    Street Team Flyer Distribution

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      Hey Team!


      We need your expertise. We're trying to determine what folks think about flyer distribution in general. I'm inviting you to share your experience, success and pitfalls. Our agency deals in nationwide flyer distribution and we want to improve our services by not making the same mistakes our competitors might make.


      Thanks you,



      Local Flyer Distribution Service, LLC

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          CorpCons08 Ranger



          Every time I think of flyer distribution, I think of the annoying flyers in my windshield wipers when I leave my office. I know this is not the only practice of flyer distributors, but often times it is what people associate flyer distribution with. (and to be honest, I never read those flyers on my windshield)


          For successful flyer distribution, there has to be a buy-in that will get the viewers attention. Otherwise you are wasting your time, resources, and you may attract the opposite response (rejection of the company or service). One way that I have had flyer distributors succeed with this, is by visiting my office and asking for permission to distribute materials. This kind of buy-in from local businesses will get the materials in front of potential customers without wasting unnecessary time and resources.


          Hope this information helps.





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            Sophia_Myles Tracker

            Hi there,


            I don't have much good impression on flyers, they're annoying & non-targeted under most circumastances as I can tell (except for some small local businesses, such as house keeping, gardenning, this kind of thing since I won't spend much time looking for them and a flyer with a phone no. may get me to them). Also, it can be quite costy to print them out and have them distrbuted in a large scale. Marketing has gone much more digital in these days, you can try something like online ads, email marketing to make things more efficient.

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              Hello Emi,


              When I see a flyer, the first thing that comes to mind is "more trash"


              If you want that sort of advertising to be more successful, perhaps offer unique ways of information distribution.  Give out pens or rulers, something small and inexpensive but different then the usual.  If you put something out that peaks human's natural curiosity, it will be more likely to be looked at then something that screams "I'm spam!"


              Good luck!