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    I have built a website and want to know how to advertise it

    Abdul Ahad Afzalzada Wayfarer

      My website is

      Need advice, please help me how I can advertise my website and make some money by selling the goods.


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          EVA7777 Adventurer

          I suggest starting a Blog on your website that will generate hits on search engines for the keywords in your blog posts. I would then post advertisements in online classifieds with your web address in the body of these posts as well. You can also add your website to numerous local search sites linked to your community. Hope this helps! Good luck!

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            I took a look at your site and have a couple suggestions.   When looking at the items, they seem slightly skewed to the left side of the screen.  Try to make it my symmetrical so it doesn't have an off center appearance.   Also, at the top of the page you have the word "Estore".  Instead, try to put the company name to make the store more recognizable.  Looking at the page source, make sure your meta information is grammatically correct.  Instead of

            I have build this website to sell different items such as gift items, apparal and sport jerseys. The items are brand new, in a good quality and in the cheapest price in the market.

            I have built this website to sell various items such as apparel, sport jerseys, and gifts.  All products are brand new, of high quality and the lest expensive price of the market.

            Don't use my exact wording as my grammar isn't always the best either.


            Lastly, once you have your site in tip top shape, if you can afford it, try Google Adwords.   When used correctly it can be quite effective in getting you customers who are actually looking to buy, 


            Good luck with your site!



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              Sophia_Myles Tracker

              Since it is a new website, it may take some time before you rank the "right" place on the search pages. So at this moment, I suggest you make it known to people through SNS firstly. Take advantages of Facebook, Twitter & G+, make friends and interact with people there. You may be able to have your name spread out in a short period. After the work with people got on the track, you can have your time with search engines. Both SEM & SEO will bring unexpected results. Other methods such as email marketing may also help later in your  business.

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                LUCKIEST Guide

                A famous marketer was proclaiming loudly, "You don't need to learn copywriting. It's for specialists."


                This marketer also declared that blogging was a short-term fad, but that's another story.


                To be fair, it wasn't easy to learn copywriting. You had to invest generous amounts of time and money.


                Today  when you attend a live event, all the speakers share that (a) copywriting is the most important skill you need for online marketing and

                (b) that's where they spend *their* money. Nobody says it's "for copywriters only."


                Things are about to get very exciting for you in business!



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                  Abdul Ahad Afzalzada Wayfarer

                  Thank you everyone for your great piece of advice regarding my website. Ur advice was very helpful for me thanks once again

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                    Hulton Wayfarer

                    Abdul:  You need to take a look at your website from a customer's point of view: First of all, you need to answer the question 'what's in it for me?"  You do this with an attention grabbing  headline -something better than latest deal!  I'm not a copy writer but something like  - There's nothing like the smell of money encased in leather!  You know, something to get people interested.


                    This is a luxury item - do not sell in on price - your market in the UK is not a bazaar.  Sell it on quality and image.


                    Who are you anyway? Your site does not say who I am buying from. Do you have these specially made somewhere, do you avoid child labour, are they hand stitched etc. etc.  You need to answer all the questions the customer wants to know.  People want to buy, they don't want to be sold to. Your story is improtant.


                    Your product descriptions are inconsistant. Is item no two leather or just the clasp?  What about sizes for all your items etc.  Detail Detail!


                    On marketing, get an Adwords account and study all the stuff that Google puts there.  Learn all about key words and how to use them properly. Be very conservative at first with your budget on Adwords.  There are lots of sites offering free information and advice on using keywords in pay per click advertising.


                    When you are getting some success, look into setting up an affiliate programme -this will send you good traffic.  Learn about using social media.  There is a lot to learn but the information is all out there for free. Just polish up your web-site first and get a good headline!!