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    How to grow an online service business?

    Drreety Wayfarer

      I don't know where to turn at this point or who to contact.My friend has an online personal training business that hit 100k last year. Trying to figure out how to turn that into a seven figure business when my friends time is 100% maxed out and no more clients can be taken on at this point as there is ZERO time left in the day. Day is maxed out at 20 clients who pay monthly.Raising prices will only grow it so far.No more clients can be serviced.Outsourcing or hiring employees is not possible as the reason clients pay in the first place is the direct contact from my friend.I wanted to try and find someone to speak to about this, maybe a business coach?Any suggestions on where to turn?




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          Sophia_Myles Tracker

          Is the your friend's business? If so, I think employing more staff is totally acceptable since SEO services can be (and are usually) provided by a team.


          I think an important criteria for a business to expand is that it has a service process/precedure that can be duplicated & mass produced by a group of people. A one-man corporation will always be limited. Maybe it's time for your friend to figure out a standard service plan which can divide the whole training into several parts, he'll be in charge of the core part while the others can be dealt with by others. In this way he may same some time and have a chance to serve more customers.


          Hope it helps!


          - Sophia | Comm100

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            LUCKIEST Guide

            It is great that your friend is maxed out.


            Looking for suggestions:


            I am NOT a business coach, but have many suggestions.


            The first always starts with a viable business plan.



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              Armin Laidre Adventurer


              If your friend's business model is succesful and obviously works well for 1/20 case, it shall be possible to scale it up to 100/2000 level.

              You shall sit down and discuss what is the business model, how exactly it works, and how to scale it up. After that, it makes sense to write a business plan and start seeking investors (if more equity is needed).


              About business models..