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    Is it discrimination to only hire English speaking USA citizens?

    jpsolutions Newbie

      I am a general Contractor that uses sub-contractors for roof installations.  Most of the subs in this business are Hispanic. 


      I have decided to go to 100% employees that are English speaking USA citizens for the following reasons

      1. The average hispanic has no regard for personal safety and are very resistant to following OSHA fall protection protocol without intense in your face supervision
      2. While they may be fast, they will cut corners every chance they get so quality is a constant struggle...I can only expect what I Inspect...Inspect each and every day
      3. They often think it is there right to steal materials which costs me, on average, more than $300.00 per job
      4. They all refuse to learn English
      5. They often refuse to clean up the jobsite without constant "in your Face" supervision
      6. They often cheat on Worker's comp insurance.
      7. Who knows if they really are who they saay they are?
      8. Most do not have valid Driver's License or car insurance.
      9. They no longer workcheap as they cost more than employees would evening after paying payroll taxes and a Worker's Comp rate of 50.2% of payroll.


      I have two questions:

      1. Is it discrimination to hire only English Speaking USA citizens?  I could easily implement a written and vocal English Proficiency test if need be.  I don't care what color, religion, orientation they are.  More than half of my existing empoyees are minorities.
      2. Are their any incentive programs from any government agencies that may be available?


      Thanks for your help.