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      Everyone in the business world today is looking for a more effective way to keep in touch with customers and clients, without spending a fortune doing it. This is one of the biggest hurdles today for any business be it small or large. Everyone knows (or should know) that it will cost any business much more money to get a new customer as compared with keeping the customers you already have, keeping yourself in front of those customers and making sure they are happy and satisfied. When you have a happy and satisfied customer they will come back to you and will also refer business to you.


      We have a product that keeps your face and information in front of customers in a way that has never been achieved before. This breakthrough product is called Talk Fusion Video Email. No matter what you are selling, Talk Fusion can help enhance your business and do it in a much more professional manner.


      Just as an example let's look at 3 different ways that any business will try and market their product or service.


      1. Sending postcards to everyone in their database.


      With the amount of junk mail today, most people, when they receive postcards usually put them in File 13 (trash can) after they glance at them if you are so lucky as to even get that. You will never know if they even looked at your postcard. With postage costs today, that can get expensive!


      2. Sending emails to everyone in their database.


      This works to some extent but again with the amount of emails sent and received today there is no way a business wants to track and see if the emails sent are even being looked at or if they are even getting through SPAM filters.


      3. Making phone calls to everyone in their database.


      Let's not even get into the "Do Not Call" lists and bugging everyone at dinner, good luck catching them through the day at home or on their cell and you can't call them at work.


      It amazes me that when I go into any business and make a purchase, that 90% (or more) do not ask me for my email address, but they want my phone number. When are people going to realize that technology is the way of the future and it is not going away! Every business should be gathering email addresses for marketing their products and services! In any company, when a customer gives you their email address, I would think they are giving you their permission to send them emails.


      When a business sends their customers a video email they love it! In 98% of the cases they have never received anything like it before and are excited when they receive it. Below are just a few examples of what Talk Fusion Video Email can be used for.


      1. Sending customers a personal thank you. Video Email is like thanking them in person!


      2. Creating brand loyalty. People will remember YOU when they are ready to make a buying decision or when they talk to family and friends.


      3. Increasing customer relations and retentions.


      4. Reducing your advertising costs.


      5. Getting more sales leads and increasing response rates.


      6. New product releases.


      7. We are having a HUGE SALE! We want to help you save money!


      8. Special events, sales, previews, door busters and one of a kind deals.


      9. Giving your business more exposure, plus a hundred other ways it can be used if you think about it!


      Talk Fusion Video Email has Real Time Tracking. You will automatically be notified when someone looks at your Video Email, how many times they looked at it, if they forwarded it to someone, how many times they viewed it, if they sent it to someone and will also let you know if anyone clicked through to YOUR website. Information like this is invaluable in today's business world!


      Another great feature of Talk Fusion is that we are the only Video Email Company to be placed on the Habeas Safelist, the industry's premier Internet whitelist. Talk Fusion is currently registered with, and approved by, over 4 million ISP's world-wide and that number continues to grow.

      Don Egnor