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    New Years Resolutions: What are yours?


      Hello SBOC Community and welcome to 2012! It is a bright, brand -spanking-new year and I'm happy to be here in it with all of you! I wanted to start a very common discussion today but when I logged in today and saw the new Steve Strauss article 6 New Year’s Business Resolutions, my common discussion topic was given a new twist. No, it wasn't lemon or lime ... but a little something I like to call "innovation".



      I personally gave up new years resolutions several years ago. In a last ditch effort to stop being a failure at keeping my new years resolutions, I resolved to simply not make any more resolutions. Problem solved! That was one resolution I have actually kept for about 7 years now! This year, I almost had the urge to begin blogging every day for the entire year but the flu bug that hit me new years even and took me out for 36 hours quickly killed that urge, so I continue my winning streak with my resolution to not make resolutions.



      However, because of my lack of desire to make personal resolutions, it never really crossed my mind to make resolutions for my business. Making a new years resolution is really no different than setting new goals. Reviewing your business, updating it and adapting to accommodate new trends and changes should be something you are doing the beginning of each year anyway so making business resolutions can easily be a part of that process without causing much disruption or leaving much, if any, room for failure. Business resolutions should be much easier to implement, execute and maintain than our own personal resolutions.



      So please visit Steve's first community article of 2012! Give it a read and maybe even leave him a comment! After all, he does take time out of his busy schedule to provide us with great tips and advice so let's take a moment to say thanks and show some love, shall we?



      Then pop back over here and let's talk resolutions! Personal, business, family ... whatever your resolution, share them with us and maybe together we can provide the support and camaraderie to help each other be successful and prosperous in 2012!



      Happy New Year everyone and may 2012 be our year to shine!