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    Butterfly Newbie
      Hello. I am actually writing because I was chosen to represent the United States of America in the World Championship Olympics for Performing Arts! Its an incredible opportunity to serve on a U.S. Olympic team. The competition categories are singing, dance, acting, and modeling. I am in each one specific to my talents and gifts--petie runway modeling, print, and t.v.; lyrical, character, and hip hop; original and contemporary vocals; 2 monologues, and commercial or acting. There are many other sub categories.

      What ideas do you have as far as fundraising for an olympic event such as this? How and and who could I ask to sponsor me or help support me in this event financially?

      Thanks so much.
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          Congratulations, Butterfly. May I ask if you are in the "junior" or "senior" category, and if you're in the senior category, are you 21 or older? The reason for my question that the fundraising suggestions the community might suggest, and the way in which any corporate sponsorship offers would have to be presented, are somewhat dependent on your age. Thanks for clarifying and good luck!
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Fundraising, How exciting Tell us more. You answered Lighthouse as to age.
            *What have others done to fund raise wh*en they were chosen to represent the
            United States of America in the World Championship Olympics for Performing Arts??
            Why reinvent the wheel, It would seem easier to review the past and try to improve.
            Finally how much are you looking to raise and by when??
            *Also if you go to the Members page you can add** *add a*few words about your goals*
            *Good luck, LUCKIEST*<br /
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              Ed O'Gee Adventurer
              That is great!

              I know people are always interested in sponsoring those who represent our country. I would suggest that you contact your local chamber of commerce. They can put you in front of local business owners, some of whom I am sure would love to get an opportunity to have their business sponsor you.
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                CEO Space Scout

                Welcome to the forum and congratulations.

                Where are you from? You might want to put a bit more information about this
                in your forum so that more people can know about your fundraising efforts.

                Also, I would suggest you check into our network at

                and post on the forum also.

                Best of Luck,

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                  Lighthouse24 Ranger

                  Since you're old enough to enter into contracts, consider how you might link your specific talents to the needs of a small business in exchange for sponsorship. Just a few examples to consider: We have manufacturers and retailers of clothing and jewelry in this community, and perhaps you could arrange to model a product line for one of them. Maybe someone needs a singer for an advertising jingle or theme. A couple of months back, a business here was inquiring about a model and/or spokesperson for a video product demo. Those are just a few suggestions to get you thinking, and to maybe get business owners to thinking about if and how they might benefit from your talent in exchange for helping you raise money for the competition. Hope this helps. Best wishes.