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      Wash clothes without the need for Hot water or Detergent!! And More!!
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          CEO Space Scout

          Welcome to the forum.

          Glad to have you here.

          I might point out something since you are new and that is there is really no reason to post something in this forum twice. As a matter of fact, it is frowned upon. Just wanted to let you know.

          There is a thread called Duplicate posts that you could check out.

          Again welcome.
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            Hi Ecoquest,

            Welcome to the site. I have 2-3 good friends that are with Ecoquest and all are using Talk Fusion to help with their company. Talk Fusion is something like you have never seen before.

            Getting your face and product in front of everyone you want on a consistent basis. Very cost effective and works perfectly. How would you like to be able to track everyone in your organization and everyone you send information to?

            Please look at: and then get in contact with me. You WILL NOT be sorry for taking the time to check this out!

            Don Egnor