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    Why Send Email?

    Sophia_Myles Tracker

      Hi everyone,


      Someone says that Email Marketing is a worthy tool to use for marketing today, but for some small busenisses, time is not enough for setting up and operating an email marketing campaign well. Is sending emails really necessary? How effieient could it be? I've seen some interesting opinion from the aspect of customer life circle from Comm100 blog and I'd like to hear more.


      What do you think?


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          LUCKIEST Guide

          Welcome Sophia, Why send emails?? Because in business, Marketing starts with the customer.

          Or, Everything starts with the customer.

          Is sending emails really necessary you ask.

          Everything in business is focused on product, service and COMMUNICATIONS.

          Business lives on the ability to attract and satisfy customers.

          Email is another tool to attract customers.


          Good luck and happy New Year, LUCKIEST

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            myDealCompass Scout

            I think that Luckiest makes a good point that all businesses depend on their customers to even exist.  E-mail is a communication tool, similar to a Facebook update or a tweet, that comes with its own limitations and expectations. Too frequent and people get annoyed and ignore you but too spaced out and you are not in the customers mind when they are making decisions. The balance is completely dependent on the type of business and a general rule of thumbs is asking yourself if you would want to be on the other end of the e-mail list.


            As you know, the challenge is not necessarily in writing the e-mail but in compiling a list of people who are actually interested in receiving it. Having a simple "sign up for my newsletter" box on a website and/or a bowl to drop business cards in at your physical location is an easy way to get started.  At the end of the day, each businesses needs to decide if the effort is worth the possibility of extra customers. In a lot of cases, e-mail marketing may not be the low-hanging fruit!

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              Sophia_Myles Tracker

              Thanks for your reply LUCKIEST & myDealCompass! I think I'm really benefiting from it. But the fact is, many small businesses can't afford the time and resources to manage an email marketing campaign. As you know, it needs a lot to create a good mailing list, and the sending tools are sometimes hard to choose. So what do you suggest for those businesses?