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    Are you an optimist?  What do you appreciate today?

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      I remember the very first Optimist luncheon I went to several years back. I was kind of tickled by the amount of complaining or negative happening at an Optimist luncheon.

      So, after it was over and everyone was just staying to talk informally, I asked the person who had asked me to join why there was so much complaining and negative since this, after all, was the Optimists. She said, "complaining and negative, no one was complaining or being negative." Then I pointed out all the topics of discussion that were negative or complaining. And she all of a sudden was aware of it.

      I have found that most people don't even realize how much negative they are talking about.

      So, at another forum (the powerful intentions forum) we made a thread to deliberately post that which you appreciate and are happy about. That post has thousands of replies and has been going for a very long time.

      I just thought I might attempt it here. I will start.

      I appreciate God, my family, my health, this country, my friends, all of my opportunities, my home and all my belongings.