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    SBOC could grow the economy

    Vilnius Industries Tracker

      If i was Ben B. i would open the FED discount window to every entrepreneur on here, look at all these people who want to manufacture clothing, and if some of the companies went out of business, so what, thats the purpose of banks and the fed, to deploy money into the real economy, that means it ends up in the hands of the regular people, what we have now is new money getting captured by the 21 primes and their deploying it into the world of sovereign bonds and CDO's and MBS's all kinds of casino derivatives.


      I think this great country needs more small business lending.

        • Re: SBOC could grow the economy
          LUCKIEST Guide

          I agree with you that this great country needs more small business lending'

          We also need to make items in the good old U S of A

          And also positive energy.


          Small businesses are important to the national and local economy.

          Institutional depository lenders play a major role as suppliers of credit to small firms in the United States.


          American firms see Europe woes as opportunity to invest abroad, the opposite of small business