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    Ecommerce Business

    cali08 Newbie
      I am in the process of starting my own small business selling bracelets...... and want to sell online...Do anyone know what is a good host were I could build my own website...I looked into Yahoo Merchant Solutions......but I'm not to sure...welcome to any advice or heads up....
      Thanks in advance
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          RongDesign Adventurer

          I would be glad to do your website for you.


          It will be afforable and easy to use.


          My contact e-mail is

          Or if you would like to decribe your website better,
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Being in the process of starting your own small business selling bracelets,
            do you have a Business and Marketing Plan??
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              ERICELAM Wayfarer

              I suggest godaddy if your buliding your own web site it is very reasonable.Also contact me if you need merchant services as well I can help you get setup with my company CardSmart Merchant Services Good luck to you in your new business.

              Eric Elam
              President of CardSmart Merchant Services Inc.
              " The Smart Choice for Today's Merchant's "
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                M&M Services Wayfarer
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                  dealsavior Newbie
                  Hey you can look into You have more control over graphics and content. Yahoo is just to expensive.
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                    amspcs Ranger
                    As far as setting up a simple webstore, GoDaddy or Yahoo are probably pretty good bets. If you want a more professionally enhanced site and are inclined to make the significant investment, then you need to consult a good pro web designer. If you go this route, let me stress two very important issues for you to keep in mind:

                    1.) Get references. And check them out carefully. Make SURE you've got somebody dependable and good.
                    2.) Work with someone locally, wherever you may be located. Avoid long-distance relationships unless you get someone REALLY highly recommended.

                    As far as merchant services go, remember that you'll actually need THREE separate and distinct elements in order to be able to sell over the internet: First, a merchant services account. Secondly, a shopping cart--this is what GoDaddy is. Thirdly, a gateway provider such as Plug n Pay or No cutting corners here, if you don't have all three, you can't realistically expect to effectively conduct ecommerce sales unless you reply solely on PayPal. And frankly, that's not the way to project a serious, professional image...Paypal is eBay stuff in my opinion..

                    May I make a suggestion here? Walk before you run. Don't get locked into multiple contractual obligations with shopping cart, gateway, and merchant services providers until you get your feet wet a little. What if your circumstances change in six months, hopefully for the better but heaven forbid for the worse, and you find the long term deals you're locked into are no longer appropriate to your needs? It happens.

                    That's why you'd be wise to consider a good STARTER program that gives you a little breathing room down the line. I stress STARTER program...get your feet wet first, learn a little about what you need and what your needs will be six months down the line, and position yourself to be able to make those adjustments in six months without being trapped in something else..

                    I'm referring to ecommerce processing powered by Quickbooks Software. It basically combines each of the ecommerce elements you need, (a)merchant account, (b) gateway, (c) shopping cart, into one integrated package with no upfront setup costs and no contractual obligation--you can even get the software at no cost....if you want out, 30 days written notice does it.

                    As I say, this is the best way for you to start, then switch course later as you see fit. Apply online at:


                    I hope you find this info to be useful. Drop me a line if you have questions.


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                        LUCKIEST Guide
                        amspcs, Great answer
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                          cali08 Newbie
                          Thanks to all of you... for the helpful advice..
                          amspcs had a great..thanks again
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                              gregoryde Wayfarer
                              There are a lot of web
                              designers using FastCommerce as a e-commerce platform they can offer
                              their customers. Our service is free for the first fifty products, and
                              a mere 30 bucks for 2,000. What web designers are doing is going to
                              their customers, telling them about this low cost e-commerce platform
                              with a ton of tools to run an online business, and then selling their
                              services to get their clients up and running on FastCommerce. Go to the
                              home page and view the demo under "Webinar and events." it takes a
                              couple of minutes to load. But you will get a glimpse of how awesome
                              the free version is.

                              you should take a look at You can offer this
                              e-commerce platform as a value added service. A free ecommerce service
                              for fifty products, or a low-cost ecommerce platform for 2,000 products
                              for $30 a month.
                              They are about to launch some awesome templates, and it is easy to
                              use. A professional web store with all the tools to build an online
                              business. And FREE for the first fifty products.
                              Make money selling your design talents and internet expertise using FastCommerce.

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                            LUCKIEST Guide
                            I think we have lost 08. and Ecommerce Business.

                            No answer since Feb 02 and many good answers.

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                              nMoncrief Adventurer
                              If you decide to go with a Yahoo! store, or any other mega-host for that matter, they are going to try to persuade you to use their preferred credit card processor (because they get a percentage.) In most cases, you aren't required to use their processor, and you can save a lot of money by going else
                              where. I'd appreciate the chance to give you an instant, totally anonymous rate quote. E-commerce is my specialty. Please call me if I can help you in any way. Best of luck in your new business!

                              Neil Moncrief
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                                ecomconsult Adventurer
                                I would suggest Yahoo! Merchant Solution start plan (its $29.99 right now for first two months) and for merchant account I would suggest you to use Paypal Website Payments Pro.

                                This is the best combo in my opinion for any new startup ecommerce venture. You should surely get a professional design from a Yahoo! Store Designer to get the best results. You should ask for Automatic Meta tags feature from the designer for kick start the SEO efforts.

                                We do yahoo stores and we have several success stories of our clients. All you need to do is have a good supplier and be able to write some copy yourself. Thats it!
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                                  geezer52 Newbie
                                  You can go to microsoft office They have a very easy to use web site delevelopement program. And the nice thing about it it is all free. If you are starting off Small this would be the ideal place for you. Your only cost wouls be advertising and thet have free tools to help you put together a profitable small business. If I can help anymore I can be reached at
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                                    DomainDiva Ranger
                                    For what its worth here in public, I have spoken with nmoncrief about this very subject. When our sales reach a certain point we are planning on giving Creek Financial first option to handle our payments.
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                                      iMicrobrand Adventurer

                                      Here is a Killer Combo, perfect cookbook...

                                      MediaTemple: for web hosting - Next generation stuff but super slick to use EASY!
                                      Shopify: eCommerce solution for the rest of us!

                                      Vincent A. Hunt
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                                        SBViewer Newbie
                                        Why not try, or is free!!!
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                                          Johnsquest68 Adventurer
                                          You can design your own website, or we can do it for you. Offering some of the best rates and award winning customer service. Give my company a look. Affordable solutions for everyone.

                                          John Parslow
                                          Future Edge Inc.
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                                            cjewelry Wayfarer

                                            I am in the process of doing the same thing. my bracelets are coming from china...they sell at $40 and I can sell at $100, but stores are selling them at $175....
                                            try go for your domain and website....they can help and they are not expensive....Inventory is your biggest concern, and being able to handle demands when they come in....they other issue is finding good places to advertise to get responses....
                                            stay away from CPC cost per click, that is for rich will pay more than what you make..


                                            talk to friends who belong to clubs and organizations, and make some proposals to to your church members and have ads placed in the church up your own client base, good luck
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                                              knthudd Newbie
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