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    Problem of order

    small quantity clothing Wayfarer

      Hello, everyone, I run a small clothing factory (, we have recently encountereda problem of order, because our main business orders for a small amount of clothing, now facessome problems.


      The cycle is very short order, we must have a lot of orders to meet production needs, but nowmore and more customers prefer to order to some of the large clothing manufacturers, evenhigher prices.


      In fact, we do not mind small orders, but customers prefer higher prices of large companies, do not choose us, I am very upset.

      I ask, if we allow customers to more confident that the completion of orders as well, and are willing to put the order to us (we have very cheap prices, I believe we have the price advantage)?

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          I took a look at your site and was wondering where most of your customers come from.  I ask because the English on the site could be improved a bit which might be the cause of why some people might leave.  For example, here is a sentence from the home page.

          "Some businessmen orders are small quantity,many Clothing Manufacturers not be accepted small quantity clothing Orders. "


          It might be better to say


          "Some businesses order small quantities of clothing that many clothing manufactures will not fill."


          Mind you, my grammar is sometimes lacking, but it might be something to look into.


          Good luck!


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              I completely agree. In fact, I'm not quite sure what the original question is. I'm getting out of it that their dilemma is customer's prefer to purchase higher priced articles of clothing, compared to their lower priced clothing. Are you sure it's not because they are unsure of your brand?