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    i have a great website - but no visitors

    freeads Adventurer

      we developed and i think its great and more importantly its free, but we don't get much visitors, not sure what to do or how to get them...any help?

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          MichaelBreaker Newbie

          Well for promotion your business online you can choose a great Internet marketing comapny which improve your business

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            Marketing is everything! If a potential consumer doesn't know your company exists, then they aren't going to visit your site. Although you could go with a professional marketing company as Michael suggested those cost money. If you aren't in a position to spend money, there are many ways you can begin the marketing process yourself for free or at minimal costs. With a little hard work you can market your own site by yourself. You can make mailers, take out adverts in trade or local papers, or create several social network profiles, cross-linking them and blogging on or about your website. These are just a few examples but a search right here in the community or on Google for "Marketing", "Marketing tips" or "how to market" will yield you many other suggestions!



            I wish you all of the best!




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              techgenius Wayfarer


              There are a couple of ways in which you could drive traffice to your website. Right know your website is ranked at 6,862,820 meaning users on the internet will have a tough time finding your website. try SEO - search engine optimization resulting your website to appear on top ranking on major search engines like google, bing yahoo etc. There are a lot of marketing companies offering this service.



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                Kacie Parker Adventurer

                This is a common problem resulting from working hard to build a good site but not spending enough time in marketing. SEO does help, I think it is even essential for any website to succeed. If you do not have time to do this, you can always outsource. I find that for me to be able to focus on building our website and business, I outsource SEO to a great company who does wonders to our traffic. If you want I can recommend you to them. Just PM me for details.

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                  gzammit Wayfarer

                  Hi A good site alone won't help any business, I would also suggest a good SEO agency to improve the traffic. However it's not going to improve the traffic overnight, be ready to wait and have patience.




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                    Bhadethzkie Newbie

                    Hi Freeads,


                    The help you needed is the SEO companion. Try to hire a person/firm to do all the seo task then start to observe the traffics/visitors going to your site. Well, contact me for more information. By the way, more power to your business! Happy New Year!

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                      myDealCompass Scout

                      What are you looking to achieve? What goal do you have in mind?  Once you have the answer to that, I would start with defining a budget that you are willing to spend to accomplish this goal.  There are many ways to create traffic for your site and they have varying costs and time commitments to utilize them effectively. A couple that we have found quite useful, and are mostly free, are to create articles for sites such as EzineArticles in an effort to establish your credibility on a given topic and involvement in various forums around the Internet (one of the reasons that I am here today). 

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                        myDealCompass Scout

                        Beyond that you can spend the money to get professional help or go to advertising on a search engine.  One word of caution though is to make sure that you have things setup to actually capture visitors and turn them into users/customers.  Paying someone to deliver 10,000 people to your site only makes sense if you have the ability to turn some fraction of them into sources of revenue.

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                          Sophia_Myles Tracker

                          I believe you need some marketing & advertising. You need to let people know that they are missing something great! How is your website ranking on Google? These days there're more and more people setting Google as their homepage, which means they tend to find everything by searching. A good rank on the search result page will get you a lot of visits. Also, as people rely more on the search engines, SEM (mainly Google Ads) with appropriate planning will leads people to you. Then, make your voice heared on the SNS websites such as Facebook & Twitter, show people how greate you're and get as much socialization as you can. The more popular you become there, the more traffic you website is likely to have.

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                            Moderator Jim Ranger

                            Some great answers so far! Let's keep them coming!