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    Business Advice Wanted

    LaDre Pierce Wayfarer

      I know quite a bit about Business,but ironically not much about computers or the internet.I have been presented with the opportunity to purchase two internet sites. one a  free coupon site for 1,600.00 and the other a Harley Davison parts & bikes classified site for 650.00.How do I do my due diligence on this sort of venture? Where can I learn more on-line about marketing and running sites of these sort?


      Thanks for all replys

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          cutthroat Wayfarer

          Look at the accounts.


          Look at the core competencies needed to run it. Do you have them?


          Enquire with competitors incognito.


          Look at the client list.


          What will you have to do on day 1?

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            LUCKIEST Guide

            Welcome. It would be nice to know more about you and your background.

            My thinking is that for your investments of $1600 and 650, how much profit will you be making monthly or yearly??


            I also like cutthroat question "What will you have to do on day 1??

            Tell us more.


            Good luck, LUCKIEST

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                LaDre Pierce Wayfarer

                Well I think these sites should be farily easy to operate. one is simply a site consumers go to to print off coupons and the site owner gets two cents per coupon.So the key would be marketing the site to get people to go print off coupons.With all the craze around ueing coupons recently I thought this might could be profitable,if I can get the right traffic to the site.Which as I said I'm at all familar with ecommerce or marketing a site.The seller for this site is asking 1,600 Is that a fair price?And I was thinking how hard would it be to create a similar site?Wolud it be cheaper than 1,600?


                The other site is  The site owner claims is makes 5.00 to 10.00 dollars a day and only needs 15-20 mins of marketing a day which He says he'd give me pointers on how to market the site.And even says,if after two months it's not making it he says it'll make he would give me a refund.He wants 650.00 for this site

                Once again I'm thinking is this a good risk of my capital?And how hard would it be to create a simlar site myself.


                Day one of taking over the sites I would begin by attemping to promote the sites useing facebook,twitter ect.maybe apply for and adsence account the put ads on the sites,if it wouldn't be to expensive.And any other marking efforts anyone clue me into.



                About me; I have a small investment firm URBAN CAPITAL ,based in Peoria Illinois. My core business is residential real estate investing,I have a couple rental properties,A brokerage account through which I invest in stocks and options,and I also invest in small loans through I'm looking for other opprtunites to deploy my limited capital.I work a full time job,so I seek ventures or investments that don't require alot of time.Or can be managed via the internet in the comfort of my home office.


                Thanks to everyone who took the time to answer my post,and for the leads,I will follow up on those. And any other feed back is welcome.

                Happy Holidays

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                    Hudacko Enterprises Adventurer



                    I think you need to use your Real Estate experience here. Would you purchase a house without knowing how much the Real Estate Taxes are, or whether or not there are liens on the property?


                    Purchasing a site where the Owner "says he makes $5 or $10 a day" without actually seeing any income documents sounds like a shaky deal to me. i wouldn't but a rental income property where the Owner says he get about $1,000 or $1,500 per month from each of the four apartments without seeing some documentation.


                    Remember, No Doc Loans killed the Real Estate Market ...


                    And, personally, I'm not the knid of person who is going to "click" on a number on a website just to see what coupon/offer "pops up", or worse yet, "downloads" to my system!


                    Good Luck!


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                  ecommerce-hosti Wayfarer

                  I think the most important thing here is, is this something that you want to get involved in and spend time learning about?  If you aren't used to marketing on the internet there is going to be alot of a learning curve involved to get the sites going.  And if you have any problems with the sites who is going to fix them for you? 


                  If you already have a successfull business going to you really want to take time away from that for a small venture?   If this is a dream that you have always had and want to make a switch ok, but if its just a way to make a little bit extra money I would say its probably not a good add onto your existing business because its so different.


                  If you do proceed make sure you don't just go on what the person says, see their actual income reports and how they are making this money.  Neither of these sites has any sort of page rank or popularity so they must be very new and I would be surprised if they are actually making money already.

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                    Sophia_Myles Tracker

                    The two sites may actually bring you into different industries, so what matters here is which one you're interested in and good at, also, from which one you may gain higher profits.

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                      Strilets Wayfarer

                      if you want to know more about SEO you should start to read SEO blogs like, Matt Cutts blog, Distilled blog and so on.

                      Actually nobody except you couldn't give the right answer. Some people can only share their own experience, which, of course, could be yseful, but do not count on someone esle success and do not try to repeat it....


                      If talk short, the key point of any website promotion is uniques content and links.

                      But think first is your website meet custumers needs? Maybe you have problem inside? Maybe you offer wrong prices... so people do not buy ....

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                        vnavguys Tracker

                        I look at the competition of the two sites.  Who are the 900lb gorillas that you will have to compete with?  If they are unmovable and hard to compete with, I would pass.  Those sites are very low priced so it sends up a red flag to me.  What is the traffic for them?  Who is the target audience?  Are they social demographics?  Is there anything you can add that is of value to the visitor?  Do they have blogs?  Those would be my number one questions.

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                          imarketubest Adventurer

                          contact me for help.

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                            Jennifer Adventurer

                            This looks like it was posted some time ago and way back in December and I'm not sure if the person LaDre Pierce found your answer, but I know of a great program online where thousands of people just like you are getting help with their business ideas, especially if they are trying to get online with their business.....

                            If you are still interested or trying to get your question answered let me know :-)


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                              Moderator Berta Guide

                              Wow, great answers so far, keep them coming!