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    Need advice on budgeting,finances and time!!!

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      I recently opened a Juice Bar in a gym, and things are going extremely well for us, however, all the money we are making goes right back into investing for more supplies. For some reason our numbers are NOT matching!!! I DON'T have a POS and or a cash register, we are improving as we are going, and ALL of our costumers are extremely pleased with our product, and service! I've been offered opportunities to brach out already, but I know we are not at that level yet! We don't have a business background, but this has been our dream for years. At the same time we are trying to manage our time since I am active duty military and I have three kids. We share our shift between my wife and I, and I am working about 19 hours a day and that does NOT count the time we have to put into our kids and personal expenses.. Every day our clientel grows, and we haven't even done any marketing... The word spreads like fire, and our demand is higher than we can manage at times.... however we manage to ensure our costumers get what they ask for and more!