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    Do people even read your job postings?

    MVG125 Wayfarer

      Hi Everybody,


      We have been looking to add to our staff and with times the way they are now recruitment can get costly. Saying that I posted an add on CraigsList. The add was specific. Hourly pay range, basic skills that they needed. That they should know about Managed Services or Help Desk Support gave them the same links to our site as I just did here. I thought I did a good job. Next thing I started getting emails of people wanting the job.


      I would have to say 50% of them did not qualify at all! There were cooks, mechanics, porters, dock workers, and the such.


      During this post I just got one that I would like to share with you...



      Please consider me for this position.

      Trey Wxxxxxxx
      214.607.xxxx "


      I laughed, no wonder unemployment is up. People are not even trying.


      Does anybody else have stories about this type of thing?


      Let me know