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    business expansion

    koko Newbie

      what is the least expensive way of trying to expand a business?

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          I would think it would depend on the business.  Are you asking in general or did you have one specific one in mind? If you were looking for more space for offices or for a warehouse, you might look into the cost of building an expansion over moving.  I am sure the forum members would be glad to help if you could provide a little more information on what you are talking about.



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            jgibson64 Wayfarer

            If you are already in business I may be able to help be sure to visit my Profile to contact me.

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              AnthonyKeene Newbie

              I first learned about the affiliate marketing concept a few years ago but never really tried it. I decided to do Network Marketing but the interesting thing is that Network Marketing is basically affiliate marketing with a downline attached. So I said why not try affiliate marketing, and it's worked. As long as you build a core list and develop a trusting relationship with the people on that list... you can promote virtually anything as long as it's within the same "niche" that they originally opted in for.

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                Accountant Adventurer

                I would agree with Paul. The answer to your question will depend on the type of your business, how long have you been in business and what is your criteria of expansion such as are you referring to expansion in the sense of getting a bigger ware house or offering your product in a different market?

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                  Looks like you're getting some great advice, Koko!  Let us know if it has helped you .