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    How to open a Company for a French Citizen in the USA (Chicago)

    Aurelien Wayfarer

      Dear All,


      I am Aurelien, French citizen. I have been living in Chicago for one year then with the bad job market I had to leave the US.

      However since I love the US and see myself living there in the future I would really like to come back.


      My company is currently registered in Hong Kong. So I have two solutions.


      1. I open a rep office in Chicago. The only problem is for the visa issue. It will be difficult for me to get a visa here and I do not really know where to look up for one
      2. I re open a company in Illinois. For this case as well it is really difficult to know which procedure I have to do, if there is a capital investment to put on the table? And with that will I get a Visa?


      I don't know if anybody is aware of that or previously had this experience in the past.


      Thank you so much in advance for your help and the best for everyone.