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    Professional Look

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      I want my business to always look 100% professional, clean and classy! I hand design and make fashion accessories for children. Most of my products are sold directly to clients and some are sold to photographers for props. I have a few nice photos from the props that I have sold and trust me I use them. My problem is that I need a larger selection of professional pictures that are modeled. I do not have the money or resources to hire a photographer or models, much less give away my products for photos. Has anyone been in this boat? Where should I go from here? Would it be a professional move to lend my products to photographers for use as props so I can build my photo portfolio?? How would you go about handling a situation like this? If you are interested in working with me here is a link to my facebook page:

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          Those baby headpieces are gorgeous! I would say if you find a photographer that you like to work with, offer them a selection of items in exchange for photography services and build a working relationship. Then while you are at trade fairs or on etsy or out marketing your items however you do, you could give their studio credit for the photography potentially driving business their way. Likewise, they could keep your business cards on hand to give to customers who would like to own any of the pieces the studio is using as props so they know where to find you. I know it is difficult to put work into something then to "give it away" but when you are bartering services to help each other grow and promoting each other, you really haven't lost as much as it might seem.



          Best of luck! I love your designs!